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Life Insurance

It's more than just creating an estate.
Planning for what matters most.

Efinity insurance is here to make sure your family is protected.

Life Insurance

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Whole Life
Contents Replacement Cost is included and pays for the cost of repair or replacement without deduction for depreciation.
Term Life
Term Life Insurance is the least expensive type of coverage, at least initially, and the simplest. Coverage is in effect for a fixed term or period of time – typically 1 to 30 years – and may be renewed. The policy upon payment creates a trust which pays your beneficiary a fixed amount of money if you die during the term of the policy. The premiums are lowest when you are young and generally increase upon renewal as you age. These policies do not build up a cash value.
Life Insurance Audits
Universal Life Insurance is a flexible life insurance plan. These policies are interest-sensitive and permit you to adjust the death benefit and/or premium payments, within limits, to fit your situation. Your net premium payments are applied to the accumulation fund, which earns interest. The monthly cost of the death benefit and policy administration is deducted from the accumulation fund. Universal life rates are subject to change, but the rate will never fall below the minimum rate guaranteed in the contract.
Universal Whole Life
Efinity will conduct a comprehensive review of your insurance needs. If you presently have life insurance, we will review your existing life insurance holdings. Our goal is to confirm that you have the right product to serve your intentions, and that the policy is performing as promised when you purchased it. Oftentimes we can substantially reduce your premiums or dramatically increase your death benefit.
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