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Our Consultants

The World Is a Much Different Place
In an industry of generalists and one-stop shops, we have chosen to do one thing exceedingly well: Insurance.

Efinity looks to leverage our relationships to develop and implement transactions by combining the capital markets and insurance.

Our Consultants

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Affluent Individuals: When to Call in a Specialist
Efinity Insurance understands the needs of affluent individuals differ and are oftentimes more complex than a family with a starter home. Efinity focuses on meeting more complex needs with a combination of industry experience and product allocation. Contact Us to experience the Efinity difference.
Economies of Scale: The Capital Markets
What financial history has shown is the importance of not relying on the latest fad (see Securitization of Mortgages) but rather to develop deep and meaningful relationships with strategic partners who can foster value in each and every transaction. Efinity Insurance works with the best of the best. Because of our knowledge and industry experience, they view us as peers, and partner with us in ways not seen in the Insurance field.
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